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July 2020

Why So Many Food Intolerances?

I often get asked why food intolerances are so common now. Whether it’s coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, IBS, fructose malabsorption, nut and egg allergies, salicylates, the list is endless and appears to be growing as Read more…

July 2020

Deer Management Forges Ahead

Aerial survey of the Cardinia Creek catchment Deer are an emerging and already serious threat to our Australian environment. Their numbers have increased exponentially over the last couple of decades in our area and are Read more…

July 2020

The Last Landmark

With the demolition in July 2005 of the old post office and store, the last recognisable building from the early days of the Monbulk Village Settlement disappeared from Monbulk’s Main Street. With it went a Read more…

July 2020

When Pets Go Feral

“And he ran them single-handed till their sides were white with foam. He followed like a bloodhound on their track, Till they halted cowed and beaten, then he turned their heads for home, And alone Read more…

July 2020

Passion for Brumbies

Brumbies are a very relevant part of the snowy mountains story. The history and cultural significance of the brumbies and mountain cattlemen is an integral part of the snowy mountains identity and Australian history. These Read more…

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