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January 2021

Holiday Programs

Further details refer to: visityarravalley.com.au/blog/school-holiday-activities-over-summer Junior Ranger Activity Parks Victoria – Junior Ranger from 21 Dec to 25 Jan 2021 Activities available: Rock pool discovery, explore caves, night walks. Discover koalas, birds and sea creatures.  Read more…

January 2021

Who Is To Blame?

Who’s to blame is not something we ask when things are going well but when the proverbial muck hits the fan it’s often the first question that comes up. And right now, for many, it Read more…

January 2021

Song And Movement Circles

Local resident of Cockatoo, Kellie Grattidge, invites you to experience an offering from the worldwide movement, Dances of Universal Peace, in 2021. Dances of Universal Peace (DOUP) is a powerful cross-cultural way to connect heart Read more…

January 2021

Pre-Season Prep

We need to stop talking about how bad this year has been. Not because it hasn’t been bad, but because everyone is tired of hearing bad news. There seriously has to be something else to Read more…

January 2021

Light Up Upwey

During the lead up to the festive period in 2020, one couple living in Upwey decided to put together a plan to get as many of the local traders as possible to decorate their shop Read more…

January 2021

Relax At Penny’s

Penny & a Pickle is bright and fresh, offering straightforward easy to eat meals such as quesadillas and toasties along with awesome coffee and a delightful array of sweet treats. With seating on the street Read more…

January 2021

Improving Your Posture

We often hear the phrases good posture and bad posture bandied around but I find these phrases unhelpful when describing ourselves. There is something a little judgemental about describing things as simply good or bad Read more…

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