Emerald Messenger

Emerald Messenger- Making a complaint

The Emerald Messenger encourages readers to make complaints directly to the editor.

Types of material
Complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, letters, images and other published material. The Emerald Messenger does not consider complaints about advertising material, except where the complaint is that the material is not clearly identifiable as advertising.

Where it is more appropriate for a complaint to be dealt with by another organisation, the Messenger will suggest that the complainant raises the matter with that organisation.

Complaints are treated by the Emerald Messenger as being against the publication, not any individual journalist or editor but the actions of journalists, editors or other media practitioners may be considered.

Where a complainant is not personally identified or directly affected by the published material, the complaint may be considered as a “secondary complaint” and some different procedures may apply.

Time limits
Complaints normally should be made within thirty days of the first publication of the relevant material. Where the complaint is lodged out of time, the complainant may seek approval for consideration.

How can a complaint be made?
Complaints should be made by sending an email or postal letter to the Emerald Messenger editor at editor@emeraldmessenger.com.au or to: Emerald Messenger Editor, PO Box 328 Emerald, Victoria and must include name, mailing address, issue number, article heading and complaint.

The Emerald Messenger abides by confidentiality and privacy laws according to current government statutes.