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In June and July DDREA will be running energy forums online enabling you to participate from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in a specific event or events please email an expression of interest to pcook@wildcoast.net.au

Wednesday June 10th 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Energy Freedom Workshop in partnership with Beyond Zero Emissions

With presenter Tim Forcey is a Melbourne-based volunteer with Beyond Zero Emissions and co-founder of the Facebook group My Efficient Electric Home. Tim is a former energy advisor with the University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI).

Dr Ken Parker is a former CERN physicist and U3A speaker on energy-efficient homes. Ken is a Melbourne-based volunteer with Beyond Zero Emissions.

Dr John Shiel has a PhD in adapting Australian houses for climate change and has helped create the zero carbon building standard for Narara Ecovillage. John is a Newcastle-based volunteer with Beyond Zero Emissions.

Tuesday June 16th 8.00pm

Australia becoming a ‘Renewable World Energy Superpower’ by Andrew Gunner presented in conjunction with Emerald U3A

Andrew Gunner will talk about Australia’s progress towards becoming a renewable energy superpower. Australia is being drawn towards this vision because it makes economic sense. Join us to hear more of this.

Wednesday July 1st 8.00pm

Small domestic wind turbines by Juri Jeske of Yarra Energy presented in conjunction with Emerald U3A

Juri Jeske is an engineer and developer of a small wind turbine for rural off-grid use.

Monday July 13th 8.00pm

Bio char by Chris Alenson and Julian Guess presented in conjunction with Emerald U3A

Biochar trials show positive signs for agricultural soil enrichment and reducing emissions. An ancient method of soil improvement, combined with some 21st century scientific research and development, showed potential for increasing agricultural productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Chris Alenson is an agricultural scientist with expert knowledge of soil health and fertility. Julian Guess is a Sustainability Officer at Yarra Ranges Shire and with a consultancy, conducted an initial feasibility study into a Waste Biomass to Energy plant to produce biochar.


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