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On September 19th and 20th, Emerald-based singer-songwriters Luro and Lili-Violet performed as a part of the ‘Keep It Live Festival’.

This fundraiser featured local Dandenong Ranges musicians and artists as well as many Melbourne-based musicians. The festival captured the spirit of musical festivals with workshops for creative writing, songwriting, papermaking and even fire twirling. In total the event raised $2,387 which will go back into the community with 50% of proceeds supporting local venues, 12 Bar and the Sooki Lounge.

For Luro, the ‘Keep It Live Festival’ enabled her to connect with a new audience and reach new people. The emerging singer-songwriter is amazed how music and art has brought the community together in such a rough and uncertain time.

“The festival engaged me with so many new and amazing people from artists and musicians to supporters. At the same time raising much needed funds for musicians and venues,” the artist remarked.

Luro’s set showcased her signature heartfelt vocals and piano accompaniment. “I was blown away by the support for local venues and artists. The community support was fantastic,” she said with genuine surprise.

Lili-Violet reflected, “I really enjoyed being a part of the festival. I met so many amazing musicians. We raised an awesome amount of money for the pubs and musicians and everyone made new contacts throughout the local music scene. I loved the fire dancing and meeting new musicians that I’d never heard of. I also thought it was an awesome idea to make a playlist so people could listen to a taste of what’s to come before the show. It was great having an audience that really wanted to be there and it’s definitely something I’d be interested in the future.”  Lili-Violet’s latest single ‘Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely’ is now available to stream online.

Festival organiser, Rachel Tattersall was elated with the community response and support for live music. Artists and live music venues have been hit hard by the pandemic and it is reassuring to know that people are willing to continue supporting the music scene even through these tough times.

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