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There are mountains of research that show how important movement is for us. If you type “the benefits of exercise” into google there are over 28 million results! We already know that movement is great for us don’t we – so let us keep it simple.

We are designed to move. Our bodies are incredible, strong and resilient. Our body is an incredible masterpiece – a work of art. All of the little things that we don’t notice or stop to think about such as the shape of our bones which allow tendons to attach muscles, the discs in our spine that help us absorb shock or the way our ribs protect our amazing organs that work to keep us alive and so much more – are so incredible.

The human body is deserving of respect due to its marvellous design and the way it functions. One great thing we can do to respect our body is to move every day.

For some reason, or many, we tend to find making time for moving hard. What if moving every day was essential? What if moving was anti-ageing? What if moving reduced pain? Gave us more patience/energy/zest for life? What if the benefits of moving are so great that they completely negate any excuses? Well guess what? Moving is essential and anti-ageing, it does reduce pain. It does give us more patience, energy and zest for life with plenty of evidence and research to back this up.

Anyone can move, every day. Whether you plan to do a tap dancing class, some gardening or a gentle exercise class at the local hall, walking your dog, doing some “deskercises”* playing with kids, riding your horse, a Pilates class or rolling out your yoga mat – there is something for everyone. Regardless of age, injury/trauma or pathology, movement will help you feel better in your body and quite possibly, your mind. 

Moving feels great! It makes you feel alive, connected to the earth and makes life easier. We have been blessed with life and moving can help you stay young in mind and body and help you to enjoy living.

I believe that encouraging healthy movement and helping people become active so they can enjoy life, is my life’s purpose. Life is too short to be trapped in a body that cannot experience the euphoria of feeling alive! If life means movement then more movement means more life.

*Deskercise is a word that I use to describe exercises you can and should do at your desk. The first, and most simple deskercise you can do is stand up and walk around, breathe deeply and swing your arms for at least one minute. If you would like to learn more deskercises, please get in contact with me at Emerald Pilates.


Di Dall’Oglio has been teaching Pilates and movement since 1993. She has her own Pilates Studio in Emerald Victoria. A lecturer and mentor in Pilates teacher training, Di guides new Pilates teachers on their journey to becoming fully qualified and affiliated with the peak Pilates bodies in Australia.

Di sits on the education council of the Australian
Pilates Method Association and is a member of the
Registered Training Organization, Tensegrity Training.
She also holds a master’s degree in Economics and
runs business workshops for studio owners.

Her ‘why’ is to help everyone discover that movement is
the fountain of youth – for the body and the mind.

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