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This is my story which may well be similar to many others. My name is George Steel and I sell my products under my business name, Market Delights.

I make all kinds of decorative items, all hand-cut, using a fretsaw – no electric or mechanical tools and no laser or CNC machine. So far, no other similar products are available at any market in Victoria.

I sell these handmade items at various craft markets with Emerald Community Market being a long-standing favourite.

Of course there are no physical markets, only virtual or online outlets while we are in a lockdown situation. This has created a whole new set of parameters and caused me to reassess how best to use my time.

I have allocated periods of my day to certain activities which flex depending on virtual market enquiries and starts with ensuring any contracts are up to date and quotes completed. This is followed by re-stocking of sold pieces.

Of course all sold items must now be mailed and the making of suitable containers occupies some time as well.

An exercise hour is part of my routine and together with my wife, Kay, we set a fast pace around our neighbourhood.

Research, new designs and modifications are allocated at another time period and then I take time out to do some gardening.

All in all I believe I am very lucky with plenty of space and plenty to occupy my time and I even used some of my spare time to cut a portrait of my wife to illustrate my work.

To all Victorians – stay well and please follow the rules so we can get back to normal soon!


Categories: November 2020